My Rosary – Poem

My Rosary – Poem

Posted by Marion Kustes

My Rosary-Poem

My Rosary is a special prayer

send to us from God above.

It’s sent to us by his Mother,

to tell us of his love.

My Rosary is made of beads,

each bead we say a prayer.

We speak about our loving Father

who listens to our cares.

My Rosary tells of our belief

we say the Apostles Creed.

It is the prayer of our church

and things we must agree.

The little beads in rows of ten

are our dear Mother’s prayer.

They are the things we ask of her

for all our daily cares.

We speak of Jesus in these prayers

to whom we really pray.

We ask his Mother to take them

to Jesus every day.

The Rosary isn’t just some beads

which really don’t mean much.

They are some very special prayers

so with our Lord we keep in touch.

Mary gave us the Rosary

to guide us on our way

and always have some time

with her to teach us how to pray.

We say the “our Father”

to show our love for Him.

Isn’t this a special way

to ask forgiveness for all our sins?

We praise the Holy Trinity

with the Glory Be.

Then we know the three in one

will be with us for all eternity.

So when you say the Rosary

just remember this and say:

“It isn’t just a lot of words,

we talk to God and pray”


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