Copper St. Benedict Paracord Decade Rosary

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One Decade/Tenner
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  • Decade Every Day Carry (EDC) Pocket Rosary 
  • Popular paracord Rosary with compact decade design
  • Camo cord tough enough for indoor or outdoor use
  • Genuine steel beads 
  • Braided decade knots don't catch on pockets

This rugged decade rosary combines antique copper plated steel beads and the popular corded knots of camo paracord rope for a strong, dependable rosary. Made from #550 paracord, the lightweight nylon is great for rosaries and is genuine military grade! Paracord was originally designed to be used for suspension lines on parachutes, so you know it is strong. The crucifix features a crucifix with St. Benedict's powerful Jubilee Medal. A memorable gift for anyone in the military, for first responders, outdoorsmen, hunters, or anyone who needs a sturdy rosary that is compact and easy to take on-the-go. Includes a prayer card featuring the 20 mysteries of the rosary and which days to pray them.

  • 5" in length 
  • Antique copper plated steel beads 8mm
  • 1 1/2" oxidized silver St. Benedict Cross 
  • Nylon paracord 

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