Coronation of the Virgin Rosary Set

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Five Decade
  • Marian rosary and pouch gift set
  • Exquisite purple and amethyst rosary
  • Pouch depicting the Coronation of Mary
  • Gorgeous gift for a special female
  • Exclusive set
Earnestly beseech the intercession of Mary as the Queen of Heaven and earth when you pray this rosary or use this rosary pouch. These two items are a perfect match as the dark violet, royal blue, and soft pink colors from the rosary beautifully reflect the depiction of the Coronation of Mary printed on this rosary pouch. This rosary has a detailed Miraculous Medal as it's centerpiece and an ornate crucifix. The soft pink colors remind us of the gentleness of Mary's heart and the deep royal colors remind us of her heavenly royalty. Personalize the rosary pouch to make this set an exciting gift for a special Catholic female.
  • Rosary: 19" (L)
  • Matte Amethyst Beads: 8 mm; Matte Blue Lapis: 10 mm
  • Oxidized Silver Miraculous Medal: 1.25" - Made in Italy
  • Oxidized Silver Crucifix: 2"  - Made in Italy
  • Rosary Pouch 4.75" (W) x 3" (H)
  • Fabric neoprene material with zipper closure

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