Purple Tanzanite Swarovski Crystal Rosary, Sterling Silver

Rosary Type:
Five Decade
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  • Gorgeous unique rosary
  • Antiqued sterling silver crucifix
  • Heirloom quality rosary with Swarovski Crystal beads

This unique rosary features Swarovski crystal beads and a sterling silver crucifix. Heirloom quality, this beautifully designed rosary is stunning to look at and inspiring to hold. Sparkling purple beads combine with the stunning sterling silver crucifix to make this Rosary one that will be treasured always.  The 8mm beads are placed on all-sterling-silver wire throughout, adding to the brilliance and special value of the rosary. Give as a gift or cherish as your own. 

  • Rosary circumference: Approx. 30 “
  • Sterling silver center: ¾” x ¾”
  • Sterling silver Crucifix: Approx. 2”
  • Beads: 8mm

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