Simplicity Mahogany Paracord Rosary

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Rosary Type:
Five Decade
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  • Mahogany wood beads
  • Popular paracord design for men and women
  • Inspire simplicity in your prayer life
  • Braided decade knots don't catch on pockets

This sturdy, substantial rosary combines natural mahogany wood beads and the corded knots of paracord rope for a simple yet dependable rosary. Paracord is great for rosaries because it is strong! It was originally designed to be used for suspension lines on parachutes.  A memorable gift for anyone who needs a quiet, sturdy rosary. Also wonderful as a companion for anyone who wants to embrace simplicity in a more intentional way. Includes a prayer card featuring the 20 mysteries of the rosary and which days to pray them. 

  • Decades: 8mm round mahogany colored wood beads on tan paracord. 
  • 100% non toxic beads made from high-quality hard woods like maple, beech, and hornbeam
  • OF Sections: 8mm round mahogany wood beads flanked on the top and bottom with knotted tan paracord
  • 1.5" oxidized silver traditional crucifix
  • ~ 13" (L)

*Due to the materials used, natural variations in size and color of beads may occur.

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