St. Benedict Paracord Rosary

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Five Decade
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  • Made of simple, sturdy paracord
  • Smooth black wood Our Father beads
  • Features the St. Benedict crucifix 

When holding this rosary the eye immediately goes to the striking St. Benedict Medal crucifix. Visible from the front and the back of the crucifix, the powerful medal makes this rosary a special keepsake for anyone with a devotion to St. Benedict. The steel decade beads complement the silver St. Benedict Medal, also known as the Jubilee Medal. This sacramental is to be used to help us sanctify our lives and has many indulgences and spiritual benefits associated with it. The Our Father beads are black wood which brings to mind the black habits of the Benedictine monks. A charcoal colored paracord holds the rosary together...just like the Benedictine communities are held together with their common rule. This sturdy and durable rosary is a great companion to take with you on-the-go as a reminder of the Benedictine’s famous rule:  Ora et Labora (Pray and Work).  Prayer card included.

  • 8mm antique silver plated steel decade beads
  • 8mm black wood Our Father beads
  • Charcoal grey paracord
  • 2" St. Benedict Crucifix - made in Italy
  • Approx. 15 1/4 " (L)

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