Tau Olive Wood Bead Rosary Bracelet

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Rosary Bracelet
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  • Olive wood tau rosary bracelet
  • Simple, neutral design 
  • Casual, everyday wear
  • Stretch design accommodates smaller wrist sizes

The tau is an ancient symbol of redemption that dates back to the Old Testament, when an angel marked the foreheads of poor and repentant believers with this shape to spare them from harm. Early Christians, such as St. Anthony of the Desert, also adopted this sign, though its cross shape is most commonly associated with St. Francis of Assisi and his deep love for Christ's passion. Our tau bead rosary bracelet features two olive wood tau beads, etched olive wood beads for each Hail Mary, and small black wood spacer beads. The olive wood beads are reminiscent of the Holy Land and the wood of the cross, and a humble material that embodies the Franciscan spirit of poverty. Makes a great gift for any lover of Franciscan spirituality, and a practical gift option for women and men alike. 

  • Stretch design; approx 3.5" diameter
  • Decade: 7mm olive wood, 4mm black round wood beads
  • OF: Tau etched olive wood beads

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