What is a Tenner?

Smaller than a typical five-decade rosary, the tenner is great to take on-the-go! The decade chaplet design is similar to the design of the rosary bracelet, however the beads are arranged in a straight line instead of looping around. They are often made with a crucifix, one Our Father bead, ten Hail Mary beads, and a saint or Marian medal. They are similar to the "Penal Rosaries" used by the Irish in the 17-19th centuries, during the time of persecution against Catholics. Tenners are easy to stash in your pocket, pocketbook, or glove compartment. Also, they don’t take up as much room if you need to supply rosaries to many people. You only need one hand (or really just a few fingers!) to pray using this one-decade tenner.

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