Gray & Gold Blessing Bead Auto Rosary

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  • Chunky wooden auto rosary
  • Large beads brushed in gray and gold
  • Natural twine for hanging on rearview mirror
  • Gorgeous imprinted clay Crucifix painted in gold

This handy extra-large wooden rosary features grey Hail Mary beads with gold-colored flecks. The Our Father bead is brushed in gold, and the Crucifix is made of clay, painted gold, and featuring a gorgeous imprint debossed on the surface. Strung together with durable twine, it makes a unique piece to hang from your rearview mirror and keep you focused on prayer as you drive.

Includes a tag reading, "May the Lord protect you from all accidents, incidents and recklessness. We pray in His name. Amen." Perfect gift for a driver you cherish, a frequent traveler or anyone in need of protection on the road.

Note: Personalization, if added, will be laser engraved on the cross.

  • 7" (L) Untied
  • Beads: 20 mm
  • Crucifix: 1.5" (H) x 1.25" (W)
  • Wood, Clay, Twine

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