Personalized Sts. Monica and Augustine Rosary Pouch

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Saints & Blesseds
  • Lovely pouch for rosaries
  • Authentic depiction of St. Monica and Augustine
  • Free personalization
  • Patron saints for wayward children
  • Exclusive design
Keep your rosary beads safe and secure under the watchful care of Sts. Monica and Augustine. The inspiring story of St. Monica and St. Augustine reminds us of the power of prayer. As a young man, Augustine was a wayward soul and even had a child of his own with women he was not married to. Only due to the persistent prayers of his mother, Saint Monica, would he eventually discover the love of God and take his life seriously. He later became a Bishop and is now one of our greatest theologians and a Doctor of the Church. Carry your rosary with you at all times and keep it safe with this elegant rosary pouch.  
Complete with a zipper closure and free personalization on the reverse, this make a fantastic gift for a Catholic mom or anyone with Augustine or Monica as their patron. Get yours today!
  • 4.75" x 3"
  • Fabric neoprene material with zipper closure

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