Blue and Silver St. Peregrine Rosary

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  • Serene blue sodalite bead rosary
  • Features the patron saint of patients with cancer, AIDS or other serious disease
  • Comforting rosary for the suffering
  • Antique silver hammered crosses

Whether you are experiencing a serious illness or you are praying for a dear one who is suffering, this comforting rosary will help you stay close to God’s merciful love. He uses his servant, St. Peregrine, as a source of hope and intercession as patron saint for those suffering from cancer, AIDS, skin diseases or other serious diseases.  A St. Peregrine medal is at the center of the rosary.  As your fingers move around the mysteries you will feel the smoothness of the sodalite beads. Sodalite is a very special stone since it is not often that blue is found naturally in the earth. For Catholics, blue is a color full of meaning. We attribute blue to Our Lady, to heaven, to the cleansing waters of Baptism, and to obedience to God’s Will. The Our Father beads are actually small,silver, hammered crosses. It is a gentle reminder to join our sufferings to those of Christ and to never lose hope. Prayer card included.

  • Decades: 8mm blue matte sodalite beads, 4mm antique silver pewter spacer beads
  • Our Fathers: 14 mm antique silver hammered cross, nickel colored toho seed beads 
  • 1" silver oxidized St. Peregrine centerpiece, made in Italy
  • 2" pewter crucifix, made in USA
  • 19" (L)

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