Our Lady of the Atonement Rosary

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  • Vibrant Jasper beads
  • Our Lady of Atonement centerpiece
  • Implore Our Lady's help in times of need

Our Lady of the Atonement is a devotion of great help to anyone who is suffering or struggling with difficult circumstances. Our Lady stood with faith, love, and strength at the foot of the cross while participating in Our Lord’s Passion. The vibrant coloring of this rosary’s beads reflect the most precious blood of Jesus that was shed for us. As your fingers move around the mysteries you will feel the cool, smooth Jasper beads. This ancient stone is listed in the Old Testament on the “Breastplate of Judgment” (Exodus 28:17-21) and is also listed as one of the gems found in the foundations of the New Jerusalem (Revelation 21:19-20 and Isaiah 54:11). The centerpiece shows Our Lady of the Atonement holding the Christ Child who is carrying a cross in his right hand. Around the image are the words, “Our Lady of the Atonement - Ecce Mater tua (Behold Thy Mother). On the reverse side are the words, “Rosary League Oct. 7 1901” and the letters, “STA”. October 7th is the feast day for Our Lady of the Rosary and “1901” is the year that the Society of the Atonement began the Rosary League to encourage devotion to Our Lady through praying the rosary. The letters “SA” stands for “Society of the Atonement” and the “T” is actually a Tau cross which signifies that the Society is based on Franciscan spirituality. This rosary is a wonderful gift for anyone who wishes a closer relationship to Christ through his Mother Mary, for those who are suffering, those with a special devotion to Our Lady of the Atonement or Our Lady of Sorrows, or anyone who has come into communion with the Roman Catholic Church from an Anglican background.

  • Rosary: 19.5" (L)
  • 2 sided exclusive pewter centerpiece 1" (L), Pewter crucifix 1.75" (L)
  • Decades: Picasso Stone 8mm beads with nickel spacers
  • OF: Red Jasper 10mm bead with stone and silvery pewter spacers
  • Prayer card included

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